How to use admin role to Protect Your Facebook Page

Types of page roles

There are six different types of roles for people who manage pages, and each one has varying levels of access. You can have as many users on your page as you’d like and can have multiple users assigned to the same kind of role. However, each person needs their own personal Facebook account to be added to a page.

1. Admin – This is the highest level of access on a Facebook page. Admins can assign roles and change others’ roles. They can also post on the page, respond to messages, create Facebook ads, and view analytics (also known as Facebook Insights) for the page. You want to limit this level of access to the least number of people possible.

2. Editor – An editor has all of the rights of an admin except for adding and assigning page roles. They can post to the page, respond to messages, create ads, and view Facebook Insights.

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